We are not only bookkeepers, but entrepreneurs

Accounting your way

Practical is more than just an office. Of course we are ready to help you with the annual accounts, the VAT returns, your ‘daily’ business. But we prefer to do more. Much more. At Practical we are eager to dive deeper into your business.

Who are we at Practical?

When we started in 2013, we wanted to do everything differently. We wanted to have all the complete accounting on one simple portal, clear, transparent and easy to use. Not only that, but also ensuring that decisions could be made based on facts rather than assumptions. An alternative for many bookkeepers who often communicate afterwards and come up with annual accounts that are difficult to read.

A lot has changed since 2013

We have grown from a company that originated from irritation and frustration to an office that ensures that entrepreneurs manage on facts and can make decisions based on data.

Call it big data, call it continuous auditing or artificial intelligence, but we call it Practical, made to give you the insight you need to grow your business. We are very proud that hundreds of entrepreneurs use our service every day and that our team can process all information within 24 hours into insightful accounting so that our customers can do what they do best: business.

We believe that doing business should be easily provided with up-to-date insight. That is why our team is ready for accounting, payroll and tax matters. Of course we do that with passion and enthusiasm because we do more, much more than just bookkeeping, payroll or your tax return.

Practical, in 5 words

At Practical, we take pride in being a reliable and dedicated partner for all your financial needs. With a commitment to transparency and data-driven solutions, our team of experts is here to provide you with support and guidance at every step of your journey.


Full service

We ensure that you can do business worry-free.

Full service


A partner

Everything we do, we do to boost your business.

A partner



We have no secrets from you, you won’t have any from us.




With a goal in mind, in consultation we change direction.




We look just that little bit further and make sure you can too.


What do we mean by real-time?

Often in accounting it is simply not clear where the costs go or where you can make the difference in your turnover. We understand that you are looking for competitive prices and flexibility to make the best choice. That is why we ensure that our services are always clear, simple and well-arranged when you need them.

You can indicate to us what insights you need and what your preferences are for optimising your accounting. We process your receipts or invoices within 24 hours, link the bank and ensure that you can see where you stand within 24 hours. Often we don’t even need those hours and you can immediately see what is happening in your administration.

What exactly can we do for you?

Our accounting firm specializes in comprehensive financial services, including accounting, tax planning and preparation, to save clients’ money and ensure tax compliance. We provide personalized financial advice and strategic guidance for informed decision-making, along with streamlined processes and accurate reporting to empower clients in a competitive business environment.

Accounting in full

Attention to details matter

Financial advice

Together for a transparent alliance

Entrepreneurial advice

Succeeding through the art of precison

Legal advice

Helping you in achieving top results

Payroll administration

The partnership that will get you further

Tax advice

A loyal partner to your ride to success

Are you looking for something else?

Send us an email or give us a call to discuss your needs and one of our team members will be happy to assist you.

Curious about what we can do for you?

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Eva de Jong