Attention to details within our Accounting Service

Outsourcing your bookkeeping to a reliable partner

Are you looking for a full-service administration office that takes care of the entire bookkeeping? You can outsource your administration or accounting to our specialists at Practical, who are happy to take the administration off your hands and ensure that it is accurately processed, checked and adjusted where necessary.

Administration software: insight anytime, anywhere

At Practical, we use cloud-based accounting software. With us, you can outsource your financial administration to one of our accountants for a fixed monthly fee. We utilize intelligent accounting software such as Yuki, Exact, or Twinfield. This ensures that your bookkeeping is securely stored in the cloud.

The accounting data in the software is always accessible anytime and anywhere. This allows you to easily share invoices and receipts with our professionals, who will process them within 24 hours. This way, you always have real-time visibility into your numbers, and we can perform efficient checks and make necessary adjustments. By leveraging smart accounting software, we can proactively support you in growing your business.

Related to entrepreneurial advice

Is your company growing or do you want to organize processes more efficiently? That’s no problem, Practical simply grows with you. You can also contact Practical for annual audits, financial audits and financial controlling.


Save a lot of time

Your time as an entrepreneur is precious. The time you normally spend on administration, you can spend it on matters that deserve your attention.

Provide the invoices and receipts via your smartphone, e-mail, Dropbox or Google Drive and we process them in the accounting. You no longer have to delve into all the rules and laws surrounding the administration.


Real-time insight into the finances

At Practical we work with you as an entrepreneur via an online accounting platform.

As a result, our customers always see the same data as we do. This gives you real-time insight into the company allowing you to know at any time of the day how your company is doing financially.


Take advantage of taxbenefits

The laws and regulations of the Tax and Customs Administration change regularly.

Our own tax specialists have all the tax knowledge in-house to keep a close eye on all these laws and regulations. This way they can make the best choices for your company.


Avoid fines

At Practical we are aware of all legal deadlines and we know exactly when something needs to be done.

Because we process the administration within 24 hours, we immediately see when something needs attention. This way we avoid expensive fines.


Unleashing Financial Excellence: Embrace Real-time Accounting with Visma/Yuki

Step into the realm of financial excellence with Visma/Yuki! This introduction video reveals the transformative power of real-time accounting in an online world. Experience streamlined financial management, automated processes, and instant insights that elevate your business to new heights. Embrace the future of premium and professional financial efficiency with Visma/Yuki

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What can you expect?

Online bookkeeping with Practical goes one step further: we help you grow your business with the help of innovative accounting software. We ensure accurate processing, control and adjustment of the accounting.

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Together for a transparent alliance

Effective business financial advice plays a pivotal role in facilitating informed decision-making. As an entrepreneur, having access to a knowledgeable advisor is incredibly valuable. At Practical, we strive to elevate your company’s performance by offering a comprehensive bookkeeping service that encompasses not only meticulous financial management but also expert advice and guidance.

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