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Payroll administration

In addition to bookkeeping, our team at Practical also offers payroll administration. Our professionals can handle your administrative tasks and optimise your business processes, freeing up your time for you to focus on crucial matters.

Payroll Administration: Do It Yourself or Outsource?

Fiscal advice, provided by a tax advisor, assists your business with all aspects of tax laws and regulations. It is also known as tax advice, providing you with necessary information on tax matters. As laws and rules change regularly, it’s crucial for entrepreneurs to adapt proactively to avoid financial difficulties.

By choosing Practical, we fully take care of your tax affairs and handle VAT filings, relieving you from the hassle. We understand that as a business owner, you face important choices. That’s why, in addition to handling your administration, we are here to offer fiscal advice and help you make informed decisions.

Nmbrs payroll software: for payroll administration online

If you choose to outsource the online payroll administration to Practical, your administration will be maintained in Nmbrs payroll software . The biggest advantage of this is that all data of your employees is accessible anytime, anywhere. This way you keep insight into all administrative processes associated with this. This includes personnel files, salary administration, leave administration and declarations.

The major advantages of Nmbrs are:

User-friendly HR system Leave, absence and expense claims are easily registered Possibility to assign rights to employees to make small changes themselves via their own login Easily run clear reports For both you and your employees to use anytime and anywhere via the Nmbrs app Nmbrs is easy to integrate into your accounting software

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Why outsource payroll administration to Practical?

Why should you outsource payroll administration to Practical? Practical is a specialist when it comes to administration, VAT returns, and other financial matters.

Outsourcing payroll administration to Practical brings several significant advantages:

Whether you have a large-scale or small-scale company, at Practical the payroll administration costs only consist of the number of payslips that are processed by us.

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Reaching top results with legal advice from Practical

Ensuring compliance with prevailing laws and regulations is crucial for entrepreneurs. This necessitates the utilization of legal documents and contracts. At Practical, we collaborate with diverse legal service providers to offer comprehensive support in this regard. Our team is equipped to prepare a wide range of legal documents and contracts on your behalf.

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