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Tax Advice

Sound fiscal advice will ensure you are compliant with tax laws and avoid the need to fully understand complex rules. Our professionals at Practical monitor tax implications and provide ongoing support, leaving you to focus on what you do best in your business.

What is tax advice?

Fiscal advice, provided by a tax advisor, assists your business with all aspects of tax legislation and regulations. As laws and rules change regularly, it’s vital that business owners can adapt proactively and on time to avoid financial challenges down the road.

Practical can take care of all your tax affairs and handle VAT filings, relieving you from the hassle. We understand that you have to make important calls for your business. That’s why, in addition to handling your accoutring and admin, our experts can offer fiscal advice and help you make informed decisions about taxes.

Tax breaks

Business owners have to navigate both tax obligations and tax incentives. Tax deductions vary for each type of business entity. Sole proprietorships have the self-employment deduction and start-up deduction. If you own a limited liability company (BV), you can benefit from savings or finance your own home.

These are just examples…

The Practical professionals at our offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Eindhoven will know exactly what applies to you and be pleased to provide personalised advice. Our bespoke approach ensures you take full advantage of the tax benefits you are due.

Tax obligations for entrepreneurs

As a company owner you are required to file tax returns with the Tax Authority. If your business is a sole proprietorship or general partnership, you will be subject to personal income tax on your taxable income. If you own a limited liability company (BV) or public limited company (NV) you will pay corporate income tax on the business's profits. Then there is dividend tax, which applies when you distribute profits to shareholders.

Everyone who sells goods or services is also liable for VAT (BTW in NL). This must be reported to the Tax Authority via regular VAT returns. And ff you have employees you’ll also have to deal with wage tax and social security contributions.

Practical provides fiscal advice on and can take care of your entire tax filing process. We monitor everything so you can rest assured your tax matters are in good hands

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More than financial advice

Our comprehensive suite of services goes beyond advice to provide you with a holistic approach to your financial well-being. Check out some of our additional support options in the slides below:

Extremely precise in our business advice

Entrepreneurial advice helps you as an entrepreneur do smart business. We ensure that you are provided with information that you can immediately apply within your company. This is how we make your company a little better every day.

Fully transparent in our advice

Proactive business financial advice helps you make decisions. As an entrepreneur, it's valuable to have someone who can advise you. At Practical, we elevate your company with a bookkeeping service that includes financial advice and guidance.

Tax advice is included in your administration

Outsource your administration to Practical and tax advice will be included as part of our service. This means you no longer have to worry about your tax obligations and can be sure of making the most of the tax breaks on offer.

FAQs about tax advice

What does tax advice cost?

The costs of tax advice are included in our services. We take care of the entire bookkeeping from 125 euros per month. Our specialists continuously monitor the administration, as well as tax laws and regulations. This allows them to proactively provide you with tax advice.

Can I contact Practical for tax advice?

Every medium to large company can come to us for tax advice. First of all, we thoroughly immerse ourselves in the company. Our specialists have extensive experience in various sectors, so that they always provide you with appropriate advice.

Why is tax advice useful?

A tax specialist or tax specialist helps you as an entrepreneur to make tax decisions. This will help you with matters such as deductions, tax laws and regulations, allowances and tax benefits. Our specialists keep a close eye on this and provide you with proactive advice.

Trust us with payroll administration to get further, together

Alongside our bookkeeping services, the dedicated team at Practical also provides comprehensive payroll administration. Our skilled professionals are proficient in managing administrative tasks and streamlining your business processes, effectively freeing up your valuable time to concentrate on essential matters that require your undivided attention.
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