Sustainability and accounting

Our responsibility for the future

Sustainability plays a central role in our services. We believe that it is a crucial factor for business growth, success, and a better future. That’s why we are committed to integrating sustainability into all our processes and services, offering our clients a comprehensive module to measure the CO2 footprint based on data from financial administration.

Why sustainability matters to our accounting firm

As an accounting firm, we understand that the impact of financial decisions goes beyond the profit and loss statement. It also encompasses social and environmental effects. Sustainability is essential to us because we recognize our responsibility to contribute to a just and livable world for present and future generations.

By integrating sustainability into our internal processes and company culture, we strive to be an example for other organizations and demonstrate that it is possible to combine economic success with social and environmental responsibility.

Benefits of sustainability for entrepreneurs

Sustainability is not only important to us as an accounting firm but also to our clients, entrepreneurs like you. Implementing sustainability practices in your business can yield numerous benefits in the short and long term.

Cost savings

By reducing energy and resource consumption, minimizing waste, and optimizing processes, you can achieve significant cost savings.


Risk management

Sustainability measures help businesses reduce risks and adapt to changing regulations and market conditions.


Reputation and brand value

Demonstrating your company’s commitment to sustainability can build a positive reputation and increase brand value.


Access to financing

More and more investors and financial institutions prefer companies that prioritize sustainability, making it easier for you to access financing.


Customer loyalty

Sustainability is important to conscious consumers and businesses. Embracing sustainability practices can enhance customer loyalty.

Our Sustainability Module:
CO2 Footprint Measurement

As part of our comprehensive service offerings, we provide our clients with a special module to measure the CO2 footprint using data from financial administration. By combining financial data with environmental performance indicators, we gain insights into the ecological impact of your company and develop targeted sustainability strategies.

Our Sustainability Module:
CO2 Footprint Measurement

Our module analyzes data such as energy consumption, transportation, raw material usage, and waste production to obtain a detailed picture of your company's CO2 emissions. These insights enable us to work together with you to identify focused measures to reduce emissions, improve efficiency, and save costs.

Our Sustainability Module:
CO2 Footprint Measurement

Additionally, we can support you in preparing sustainability reports, implementing sustainability initiatives, and tracking progress in sustainability. We are committed to helping our clients achieve their sustainability goals and build a future-proof business.

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Sustainability and our accounting firm
Making a difference together

Sustainability is important for our clients for several reasons. Here are some key points on why sustainability should matter to our clients and how our firm can make a difference.


Insight into environmental risks and opportunities

We offer sustainability as an integral part of our services. This helps our clients identify and understand environmental risks and opportunities that may impact their business performance. For example, by measuring the CO2 footprint and other environmental performance indicators, our team can provide insights into a company’s ecological impact and recommend strategies to improve efficiency and reduce costs.


Compliance with laws and regulations

Sustainability standards and regulations are becoming increasingly stringent, and companies face greater pressure to meet these requirements. We support our clients in staying informed about relevant sustainability laws and regulations and guide them in implementing appropriate measures to comply with these requirements.


Enhanced reputation and brand value

Clients who embrace sustainability practices can significantly improve their reputation and brand value. We support our clients in developing sustainability reports and communicating their sustainability performance to stakeholders. This contributes to building trust and attracting customers who value sustainability.


Access to financing

More and more investors and financial institutions are incorporating sustainability criteria in their assessment of companies. Having strong sustainability performance can increase the chances of a company obtaining financing. We support our clients in collecting and reporting sustainability data that is relevant to investors and financiers.


Corporate responsibility and engagement

Sustainability is not just about making profits; it also involves adopting broader corporate responsibility. Clients often want to contribute to positive change and sustainable development. As a firm, we guide our clients in developing and implementing sustainability strategies that align with their values and objectives.

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Together, towards a sustainable future
In summary, as a firm, we aim to make a difference by supporting our clients in measuring, analyzing, and improving their sustainability performance. By providing insights, advising on strategies, and helping with compliance, our accountants play a valuable role in guiding businesses towards a sustainable future.
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